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The Espírito Santo State hosts the largest port complex in Latin America and is named as one of the most efficient in the country. The complex brings together six ports and terminals where they circulate approximately 25% of goods in and out of Brazil and 12% of revenue national currency. Export growth via the Holy Spirit overcomes the country..

Ports are specialized in loading and unloading of bulk cargo, grain, paper, automobiles, steel, in short, a multitude of products. Thus, the State has an excellent retroportuária area composed of three Customs Stations Interior (EADIs), an intermodal industrial terminal, and deployment phase, a Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and a new port in Barra do Riacho, Aracruz.

With all this movement, the Espirito Santo ports can, on average, a lower cost compared to other Brazilian ports. Highlighting It is also in that case the ease of access to ports due to road and rail infrastructure.